San Marin Montessori is a pre school that has been carefully designed and planned out in a beautiful Novato home.

Through its carefully  prepared environment San Marin Montessori Pre School guarantees childrens exposure to beautiful and exciting materials, giving them the opportunity to develop the love of learning.

San Marin Montessori is the only pre school in Marin County that consistently changes the materials in the classroom every month.

Thanks to its prepared environment and its positive discipline approach, San Marin Montessori has very little "discipline" problems. San Marin Montessori focuses on children's natural rhythm and intellectual potential.

Giving lessons on "grace and courtesy," on a daily basis and reinforcing positive discipline, San Marin Montessori prepares children well for Kindergarten. San Marin Montessori works closely with public and private schools to ensure children are given the appropriate tools to handle different situations in academic, social and emotional areas of life.

Basic skills in writing and reading are developed through the use of San Marin Montessori's rich language arts. Children are also presented with:

Life Science
Movement Education

Located in Novato, Preschool, San Marin Montessori, Montessori. Toddlers, Primary, Transitional Kindergarten. Serving Marin County, San Rafael, Corte Madera, Larkspur, Mill Valley, Sausalito, Tiburon, California.

"After many pre-school interviews and analysis…, Magali Zimmermann's program stood out as special and different. We sent all three of our children to San Marin Montessori Pre-School and could not be more pleased with Magali and her school. Our kids loved going to her school because they loved being part of a school where they learned in an environment where everyone respects each other. Magali is one of those rare teachers who can make a connection with the children and understand their unique needs and capabilities. She made each of our children feel special. She created an environment where students worked as a team and individually. Our children learned all the materials needed to be ready for Kindergarten, while developing friendships that will last long past elementary school. Magali's classroom evolves as the child develops and is very academically oriented. She prides herself on helping her students reach their full potential, where they become confident, capable, loving and independent learners. All of our children marched into Kindergarten fully capable and ready for the next learning chapter."

Lisa and Chris Free